Clássic car specialists

We are driven by passion for classic cars, and especially by Porsche

We work with pleasure and professionalism to keep them on the road and on the track, where they can best be enjoyed

Some of the things we do

The deep knowledge and experience in Porsche Classics Cars, a team of specialized “artisans” and a considerable stock of original parts, allow us to carry out high-quality and high-quality restorations

We loved car sport events, so we not only prepared the Classic Porsche Cars for  Competitions, with special knowledge and dedication, but we actively participated in National and International Regularity and Speed ​​competions.

Our business is not buying and selling cars, but, of course, we know these cars and the market well and are available to help with our knowledge and contacts.

From a simple oil change to a more complex intervention, including regular maintenance services, we provide quality technical assistance to Classic and Modern Porsche

When and where our customers need us, we are there.

So, of course, we gave assistance to the cars prepared by us on and off the racetrack

Classic cars authenticity certificates of have rised importance, as classic cars are now considered an investment area equivalent to art.
We, in João Gomes’s garage, have the experience and knowledge to do this certification,
assessing the correspondence of each car with the specifications at the factory.

From the considerable dedicated stock we have, our from the extensive network of contacts, we offer new and used parts, some already difficult to find, for all Porsche models

It is with great pleasure and pride that we have always tried to help our customers enjoy and get the best out of their Porsche.
And for those who do or intend to compete, we have a Pilot Training program.

Driving or being driven in a Porsche classic car is a dream, for a lot of people, and we help make it a reality.

From the simple rental of a car with a driver for a photo shoot or road trip, to the unique experience of drive a sports model in a race car circuit, we have costumisated  solution for all Porsche Classics Cars lovers. 



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Rota dos Porsches e dos Aviões

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João Gomes, our Patron

The Portuguese with more experience in Porsche mechanics and certainly one of the oldest in the world still in activity

João Gomes

has in his CV more than 60 years dedicated to the Stuttgart brand.
34 years at Guérin Lda, the Porsche representative in Portugal until …, and almost many others on their own Company.



João Gomes with  the career trophy received at the 39th International Porsche 356 Meeting

Our Team

Led by José Carvalhosa, graduated in mechanical engineering, classic car race driver and son of João Gomes, our team is highly motivated and qualified to fulfill the mission of keeping Porsche classics in the best conditions, on the roads and on the tracks, giving pleasure to those who drive them and those who see them.



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Estrada de pinteús, Zona Industrial Quinta do Lago, Edificio 5, 2660-194 Santo Antão do Tojal
Manday to Friday , 9:00 - 13:00 and 14:30 -18:30
Saturday 9:00 - 13:00

We provide services outside Portugal